[Gate-users] warning(?) message in GATE 3.0.0

Seyjoon seyjoon at yahoo.co.kr
Wed Aug 23 15:29:57 CEST 2006

Dear all.
G4PhysicalVolumeModel::Validate() called.
  Volume of the same name and copy number ("world_P", copy 0) still exists and is being used.
  Be warned that this does not necessarily guarantee it's the same
  volume you originally specified in /vis/scene/add/
  Have you ever seen that message above on GATE 3.0?
As soon as macro line is inputted, those four lines are always shown.
There was no problem at all in Gate 2.2.0 with the same macro file.
It seemed like a problem of world configuration but I couldn't find something wrong.
Fortunately there's no abortion of simulation and no abnormal outputs.
But I am not convinced that it is negligible.
Any help would be so appreciated.


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