[gate-users] RE: [Gate-release] New public release of GATE?

Hall, David David.Hall at ubht.nhs.uk
Fri Apr 7 11:50:46 CEST 2006

Dear all,

I'm just getting back in to using Gate after a bit of a break, and
currently have Gate 1.0.0; I'm wondering whether there's a new release
coming soon, or whether I should get set up with Gate 2.1/2?

I've been having a few problems with trying to input an Interfile source
into Gate, and I was wondering whether anyone could tell me whether this
had changed. I'm using the output from NCAT, which is raw floating point
binary, and converting it to Interfile using xmedcon, with various
settings changed; I'm sure I'll crack it, but I'd appreciate any tips.
Is it better to use ASCII or Interfile input?

Thanks in advance,

David Hall

Dr David Hall,
Nuclear Medicine Physicist,
Bristol Royal Infirmary,
Bristol BS2 8HW.
tel: 0117 928 4756
fax: 0117 928 2671
e: david.hall at ubht.nhs.uk

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