[gate-users] sample image from my IQ_phantom simulation

Schmidtlein, Ross/Sloan-Kettering Institute schmidtr at mskcc.org
Thu Sep 15 16:12:01 CEST 2005

Hi Theodore,

Attenuation correction can be done via STIR by building an attenuation
coefficient image and then using the projection data correction routine
to scale the data properly.  That's probably the most straight forward
method.  Also, arc correction is important in order to avoid object
distortions for this phantom.

I have been doing a similar reconstruction with the DLS and have been
unsure about the counting statistics with respect to the contrast
ratios.  How many coincidences do you have in your image data?



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I will like to present an image that I obtained using a simulation of
the Discovery St and reconstruction with stir for the iq-phantom, some
spheres are missing and there is heavy attenuation , I am currently
exploring ways of simulating and correcting for attenuation with GATe
and STIR, any suggestions?

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