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ziad bitar ziadelbitar at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 17 17:15:10 CET 2005

Good Morning,
I suggest to verify if there is any swapping while the
Job is running.
I've had this problem few times ago and it was a
problem of non compatibility between the Geant4
version and the Gate Version.

I propose to migrate from gate_v2.1.0 to gate_v2.2.0
which is compatible with geant4.7.0.p01.

--- Mutanga Theodore <muathe02 at student.umu.se> wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I have been puzzled by the behaviour of gate for the
> past couple of days
> now and I would like to have some help from anyone
> with simillar
> experiences or someone who has an idea.
> I am using Gate 2.1 with all configurations as shown
> on the site.
> I have created my phantom from CT image slices using
> PMOD and Xmedcon for
> conversion into interfile. The image data is
> unsigned integer and I have
> verified this by dumping the pixels to screen.
> Now I run a complete benchmark test with PET
> benchmark and it goes without
> any problems in about 6 hours and the results are
> ok.
> I then modify the same benchmark macro with wth my
> own camera, and phantom
> modules. I use also a modified version of the
> Voxelized sources and
> Voxelized phantom macros to test my simulation.
> What is puzzling is that there are no errors in the
> output but the
> simulation seems to hand just after the part where
> range cuts are
> calculated ....the last  line is the line with
> -------default region of
> the world------
> I constantly check the root file size during the
> simulation but it doesn't
> change in size. I have used a total or 15 MBq for a
> total of 2550760
> voxels.  and I am just testing for a 5 seconds run.
> (start - stop = 5s)
> Is anyone running voxelized sources and phantoms
> with this version ? Could
> I please have some macros and sample interfile
> phantoms to test and
> compare with mine ?
> I don't have any idea why the simulation is not
> working as everything is
> ok and no error messages are presented.
> Thanks for your help.
> Greetings
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