[gate-users] Gate simulation crashing on TBranch constructor

Stephen Adler adler at stephenadler.com
Sun Nov 13 18:54:50 CET 2005

To answer my own question, I think I figured out the problem. During the 
configuration stage
of building geant4, I set G4ANALYSIS_USE to the default value of "n". I 
then reconfigured geant4 and set this value to "y" since after reading 
the text of the installation procedure carefully, realized that this was 
probably the method by which geant4 got its data out to the world. In 
anycase, I've got Gate now
running on my Fedora Core 3 setup.

Cheers. Steve.

Stephen Adler wrote:

> Guys,
> I've built and installed Gate and then tried running some of the 
> example simulation macros. They all crash when the simulation starts 
> in the root TBranch constructor. The OpenGL viewer does pop up and the 
> geometry of the PET scanner is drawn. Can anyone give me a suggestion 
> as to what I should look into to try and resolve this problem? The 
> configuration I have is the following.
> Fedora Core 3
> gcc 3.4.4
> root 4.03.04
> gate  2.2.0
> geant 4.7.0.p01
> lmf 2.0
> All packages were built from source.
> Thanks. Steve.
> P.S. At first I was trying to build the Gate v2.1.0 geant  4.6.2.p02 
> but geant4 failed to compile
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