[gate-users] installation questions on Opteron with Redhat

Bing Bai bbai at sipi.usc.edu
Thu Nov 10 21:06:48 CET 2005


I justed installed GATE on an Opteron machine running Redhat Enterprise. 
Previously I have installed GATE on an Athelon64 laptop.
The installation was successfully, however there are two questions when 
running benchmarkPET:
1) I got several warning messages when running benchmarkPET like this:
"---> warning from G4Material::GetMaterial(). The material: Water does not 
exist in the table. Return NULL pointer."
I guess this is probabilly OK, maybe because I installed Geant4.7.1p01. I 
did not see this on my laptop, which uses Geant4.6.2p01.

2) when checking benchmarkPET results using root, I found the number of 
randoms is 23744, which is 15% higher than the number listed in the 
installation guide (20568). I ran twice and in both cases this number is 
larger than 23700. Does it indicate that there are some problem in my 
installation? On my laptop installation, this number is within 1% 
difference with the standard number.

Here is some of the information:
AMD Opteron244 1.8GHz, 4GB RAM
RedHat Enterprise ES version 4
gcc 3.4.3

geant4.7.1 patch-01


Bing Bai, Ph.D.
Applications and Development Engineer
Siemens Preclinical Solutions
810 Innovation Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37932

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