[gate-users] ECAT7 Sinogram size and STIR reconstruction

Peter M. Bloomfield peter.bloomfield at camhpet.ca
Wed May 18 16:01:47 CEST 2005

How many projection bins and sinogram views are there in a single sinogram, 
Also how many crystal rings are there the scanner being siinulated? 

On Wednesday 18 May 2005 09:54, Nikolaos Karakatsanis wrote:
> Hello users,
> I have produced an ECAT7 output file using version 1.2.0 of Gate.
> The ECAT7 parameters I have chosen for the ecat system are:
> mashing 1
> span 5
> maxringdiff 22
> The time slice I have used was equal to the total time of experiment.(1
> frame)
> The size of the output file was 100MB approximately.However when I
> attempted to reconstruct this file with STIR it has taken a lot of time
> (i.e. several hours).
> As a result I would like to ask if the size of 100MB using the above
> parameters is normal?A user of STIR told us that this size seems to be big.
> Furthermore it would be useful for me to be informed whether 3-4 hours of
> reconstruction are a normal duration for the reconstruction of an ECAT7
> file of 100MB.
> Finally I would like to know if a reduced size of an ECAT7 sinogram (for
> example by increasing the value of span parameter) will result in an
> unacceptable low-quality reconstructed image!
> Nicolas Karakatsanis
> Nuclear Imaging Medical Lboratory
> School of Electrical & Computer Engineer
> National Technical University Of Athens
> www.biosim.ntua.gr/NIMlab
> I would like to
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