[gate-users] Condor

"JunHyung Lee" junhero at skku.edu
Mon May 9 06:46:58 CEST 2005

Dear Fernando and Manu

Your communication about Condor is very interesting to me,
because I am also working on the clustering to speed up a GATE simulation.

I will explain my Condor configuration and problem.

I have four computers.
One was installed GATE and Condor(Central manager),
and the others were installed only Condor(Nodes).

I gave a executable permission to directories and files for Condor.
So, a Condor Pool was made up completely.

I found that a Condor job seemed to work fine in the Central manager.
However, a Condor job seemed to stop in the Nodes after a certain time.
In other words, when I submit a Condor job to the cluster, 
it sits there for a few minutes, then it disappears.

I think something was wrong with NFS.
I registered only the GATE directory with NFS.

If I want to execute the GATE using each nodes with Condor,
as Fernando mentioned in the users mailing list(04/28/2005),
do I have to install the GATE, Geant4, CLHEP, root and LMF in same directory?

For example

And I would like to ask a favor.
Would you please share your macro files of the GATE and set-up files of the Condor?

Best regards,
Junhyung Lee
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