[gate-users] GateMaterials.db(2)

Aurélien Vasseur aurelien-vasseur at caramail.com
Wed Mar 30 19:40:31 CEST 2005

Sorry for my previous messages, I noticed that they were send in html format (thus they became unreadable). I send them again in text format. If someone could answer me, thanks in advance.


I defined a new material as:

Macor: Zeff=10.047 ; A=20.253 g/mole ; d=2.20 g/cm3 ; state=solid
      +el: name=auto ; n=1

in the GateMaterials.db for a structure I named outWin. The Gate display when setting this new material is:

/gate/outWin/setMaterial Macor
Macor : WARNING from G4Element::G4Element ! Trying to define an element as a mixture directly via effective Z.

Is my definition wrong? Has this message consequences on physics processes?

Thanks a lot for your reponses.

Aurelien Vasseur

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