[gate-users] Date Release of GATE 1.2.0 ? - Compatibility problems

Nikolaos Karakatsanis el00175 at mail.ntua.gr
Wed Mar 9 10:46:40 CET 2005

Dear Colleagues,
I would be grateful if any member of the Open GATE Collaboration could
inform me about the actual date of the release of the new version of
GATE.I have upgraded my operating system to Fedora Core 3
(Kernel:2.6.10-770.FC3) and it seems that I have serious installation
problems with the current version of GATE.I assume that the problem is
spotted at the gcc version that is being used by my system (gcc 3.4).
According to the gate release site, GATE 1.0.2 supports gcc 3.2.It is
not stated clear whether gcc 3.4 is working properly with the
combination of GATE 1.0.2 and Geant4 5.2 p02. When I attempted to
install the above combination of versions,I have encountered problems so
I decided to proceed to the installation of Geant4 7.0 p01.The
installation was successful but, unfortunately, I realized that current
version of GATE is not compatible with the latest version of Geant4.
As a result i have ended up to the conclusion that the new version of
GATE will solve my problem, because it is designed to work with Geant4
During the previous days I was frequently checking the GATE release site
to see if the new version was available, based on the announcement of Open
GATE collaboration.Up until now, five days after the announcing release
date, nothing has been published to this page.Moreover I wasn't able to
find any updated announcement related to this delay.
So, I would be really grateful if you could inform me about the expected
release date of GATE 1.2.0 in order to be able to set up my project
program.Of course, any help concerning the successful installation of
GATE into a FC3 operating system is welcomed.

With regards,
Nicolas Karakatsanis
N.Karakatsanis at mail.ntua.gr
National Technical University of Athens
School of Electrical & Computer Engineering

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