[gate-users] Voxelised Phantoms

Ananth Ravi ananth.ravi at sw.ca
Fri Mar 4 22:15:21 CET 2005

Hello All, 

I am in the process of trying to run a simulation which involves using a
small animal SPECT head to image a voxelised breast attenuation medium
and source distribution.  Due to the configuration of the Voxelised
phantom I would need to have the SPECT head overlap the voxelised
attenuation phantom CUBE.  GATE doesnt seem to like the fact that the
two objects (the phantom cube and the SPECT head) are overlapping.  Is
there a value that I can set the air voxels to, or a flag that i should
activate so that I will be able overlap the SPECT head and the voxel

Ananth Ravi

Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre

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