[gate-users] Cold Phantoms in GATE

Jose L. Rubio jlrubio at die.upm.es
Thu Dec 15 19:48:54 CET 2005

Hi everybody,

I am trying to simulate a cold phantom using Gate, and there is 
something not very clear to me:

    Assume that the phantom that I want is just a couple of cylinders, a 
small one (lets call it B) placed inside
    the big one (called A). Now I want to place an activity source in 
the region A-B.

    Is it possible to achieve this by using the "confine" option? I.e., 
if I define the physical cylinder A, and then
    the phyisical cylinder B as a "daughter" of A, and then I create my 
cylindrical activity source and confine it
    to the physical volume A, should I obtained the desired result?

    If not, does anybody know of some other way of defining cold phantom?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


Jose Luis Rubio Guivernau
Laboratorio de Tecnologias en Imagen Medica
Dto. Ingenieria Electronica
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

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