[gate-users] how to get a transparent voxelized phantom?

yuxuan.zhang at di.mdacc.tmc.edu yuxuan.zhang at di.mdacc.tmc.edu
Tue Aug 23 19:26:47 CEST 2005


In the manual for Gate v2.1-2.2, the figure 7.1 shows the 
ability of displaying a transparent phantom. But in the
context there are no detailed descriptions about how to do
it. Is there anyone know something about that?

Also, in the chapter 7.3.2, there's a parameter about the
color attribute -- alpha. What does this parameter controls?
I've changed the value between 0 and 1, seems there are
no differences. Does it related to some other setup of the
graphics display software or driver, like OPEN GL, or Geant4?
I am using MesaGL-6.2 now. 

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