[gate-users] Advice for the Gate beginners

Bertrand Fournier Bertrand.Fournier at nantes.inserm.fr
Fri Jun 4 18:13:02 CEST 2004

Dear GateUsers,

I have made for several days some tests with SPECT.mac to try to merge 
Root files.

I noted when the timeStart  is superior with a specific value, the 
execution is stopped and the program sends back a "job error".

Modifications of simulation parameters allowed me to understand the 
reason of this error.

In this simulation, the table and the phantom move by translation. So, 
if the acquisition is too long, the table begins to leave the 
simulation world.

All elements must stay in the world (borders included) during the 

That undoubtedly seems obvious for the experimented users but maybe 
that will be useful for the beginners like me.
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