[gate-users] -not rely- bug found

Jean-Marc Vieira jean-marc.vieira at epfl.ch
Thu Jun 3 09:05:24 CEST 2004

Hi Christopher,
Yes you're right, these axes must be removed when you run the simulation 
since they are understood as
physical volumes ....but it's a known "feature"; please refer to the 
description under point 3.2.3 in the user's guide (page 21) ;-)
Cheers,  jm

Please refer but this is not realy a bug since this feature is discribed 
on the GATE user's guide, 

Heath, Christopher Charles wrote:

>I tried running some simple simulations of pencil-beam sources and found that I
>was getting skewed data.  The problem resulted fromt the fact that I had drawn
>in the axis for visualization help using the command:
>/gate/world/daughters/insert 3axes
>The axes attenuated the photons and inserted a hole in the detector which caused
>the problem. Therefore, when running simulations be sure not to use this command.
>Heath, Christopher Charles
>Vanderbilt University
>Email: christopher.c.heath at Vanderbilt.Edu
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