[gate-users] Two head PET system

Frezghi Habte fhabte at stanford.edu
Sun Jul 11 08:11:32 CEST 2004


We recently started running gate in our lab. After running the benchmarks 
and few examples, I started to simulated two head PET system. Some how, I 
was not able to get a Coincidence data. The same code for 4-head PET system 
works fine. I also changed the default proximity difference in the block 
number to 1, but I got the same result. Please let me know what type of 
system I should you use for two head PET system. I have tried the 
PETscanner, cylindricalPET and ecat systems.

Frezghi Habte, Ph.D.
Stanford University Medical Center
Department of Radiology
Molecular Imaging Instrumentation Laboratory
300 Pasteur Drive, Edwards Bldg. Rm. R354
Stanford, CA 94305-5344

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