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Hi Mohammad Ali,

“Attaching” the DoseActor to various shapes should be straightforward as outlined in the documentation, and should not yield incorrect results as you suggest. It sounds like you’re after a dose scoring volume that conforms to the shape of the volume you’re attaching the DoseActor to, i.e., concentric shells for a spherical volume or stacked concentric rings for a cylinder. You can emulate this with the default cubic scoring volume by assessing the dose along the cardinal axes which would closely align with such concentric scoring volumes.

Hope this helps.


On May 23, 2022, at 3:27 AM, David Sarrut <david.sarrut at creatis.insa-lyon.fr> wrote:

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currently it is not possible to score dose in other types of volume (sphere or cylinder), sorry.

One (a bit tedious) workaround is to attach a DoseActor to (say) a sphere, such as the DoseActor has one unique voxel **larger** than the sphere. All depositing energy hits inside the sphere will be accumulated in the doseactor. However, only the total edep will be correct, not the dose in Gy because the mass will be the one of the cubic voxel not the one of the sphere. It is then easy to compute the final dose according to the mass of the sphere.


On Fri, May 20, 2022 at 10:07 AM MohammadAli Moeini <ali92.moeini at gmail.com<mailto:ali92.moeini at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi Dear David

I am an MSc student in medical radiation. I have some problems calculating the dose and energy deposited in a volume that its shape is not a box in the GATE code. As I noticed Dose Actor calculates dose and energy deposited only in a cubic region. But the problem is that I want to attach the Dose Actor to a volume like a sphere, cylinder, or other shapes. So could you please guide me that what should I do?

For example, I want to calculate the dose and energy deposited in a cylinder with this geometry, but the output of the Dose Actor is not correct.

Thank you in advance for your time


/gate/world/daughters/name                   phantom
/gate/world/daughters/insert                   box
/gate/phantom/geometry/setXLength     0.3 m
/gate/phantom/geometry/setYLength     0.3 m
/gate/phantom/geometry/setZLength     0.3 m
/gate/phantom/setMaterial                     Water
/gate/phantom/vis/setColor                    gray
/gate/phantom/vis/setVisible                   1


/gate/phantom/daughters/name                     Ring_0.5cm
/gate/Ring_0.5cm/geometry/setRmin           0.5 cm
/gate/Ring_0.5cm/geometry/setRmax           0.6 cm
/gate/Ring_0.5cm/setMaterial                        Water
/gate/Ring_0.5cm/geometry/setHeight          0.1 cm
/gate/Ring_0.5cm/geometry/setPhiStart        0 deg
/gate/Ring_0.5cm/geometry/setDeltaPhi       360 deg
/gate/Ring_0.5cm/vis/setColor                       yellow


/gate/actor/addActor DoseActor                        ring_0.5
/gate/actor/ring_0.5/save                                    output/ring_0.5cm.txt
/gate/actor/ring_0.5/attachTo                               Ring_0.5cm
/gate/actor/ring_0.5/stepHitType                          random
/gate/actor/ring_0.5/enableEdep                           true
/gate/actor/ring_0.5/enableUncertaintyEdep        true
/gate/actor/ring_0.5/enableDose                           true
/gate/actor/ring_0.5/enableUncertaintyDose        true
/gate/actor/ring_0.5/enableNumberOfHits            true

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