[Gate-users] Voxelized phantom materials

Hunor Kertesz hunor.kertesz at meduniwien.ac.at
Wed Apr 25 10:43:30 CEST 2018

Dear GATE users,

I am simulating a voxelized phantom. In my AttenuationRange.dat file, 
when I want to use for example "Brain" material the simulation doesn't 
produce any output.

I tried it with different materials and I experienced this behaviour 
with some of the materials. (Spleen, Lymph, Pancreas, etc.) and didn't 
have any problems with (Water, PMMA, Glass, Lung, etc.)

After having a closer look at the GateMaterials.db I found out that for 
example Brain is defined in the following way:

Brain:  d=1.04 g/cm3 ; n=11
         +el: name=Hydrogen  ; f=0.107
         +el: name=Carbon    ; f=0.145
         +el: name=Nitrogen  ; f=0.022
         +el: name=Oxygen    ; f=0.712
         +el: name=Sodium    ; f=0.002
         +el: name=Phosphor  ; f=0.004
         +el: name=Sulfur    ; f=0.002
         +el: name=Chlorine  ; f=0.003
         +el: name=Potassium ; f=0.003
         +el: name=Calcium   ; f=0.0
         +el: name=Scandium  ; f=0.0

The sum of the mass fractions is 1, but I have two elements with a 
fraction 0, when deleting these elements everything works fine (same 
applies to the other materials as well).

My question is that do I have a wrong material database or there is 
another reason for this?

Thank you!

Best regards,
Hunor Kertesz

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