[Gate-users] Problem with distributed calculations using condor : libG4Tree.so not found

Matt D edw.d at outlook.fr
Mon Jan 25 18:01:54 CET 2016

Dear Gate users, I'm struggling with a problem which is not directly linked to Gate but to parallel calculation using a job splitter (gjs), a job merger (gjm) and condor. Basically I have my macro that I want to split : fan.mac I use the job splitter with the command  > gjs -numberofsplits 10 -clusterplatform condor -condorscript condor.script fan.mac this creates a fan.submit file and a .Gate/fan folder I submit the job with condor using : > condor_submit fan.submit and at this point it creates in my  .Gate/fan folder one fan(x).err error file for each split containing this :  "condor_exec.exe: error while loading shared libraries: libG4Tree.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"  I've tried to source the libG4Tree.so in all the way that I could but it still won't find it :/ Any suggestions would be strongly appreciated Matthieu 		 	   		  
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