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Marc Chamberland MarcChamberland at cmail.carleton.ca
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Are you using the confine option? The message is telling you that after trying 100,000 times, it still has not generated a particle that is within the both the confinement volume and the source volume. The message explains that this happens if your confinement volume is too small with respect to your source (or if you did not overlap the confinement volume or if you forgot to add a confinement volume).

The confine option is definitely not very efficient. I would recommend trying to get the same results you're trying to achieve without the use of confinement.



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On Nov 25, 2013, at 19:38, 동근 <bluejdg at hanmail.net<mailto:bluejdg at hanmail.net>> wrote:

Dear all,
I'm trying to SPECT simulation.
But,  come the following message.
Please let me know if you know any clue.

LoopCount = 100000
Either the source distribution >> confinement
or any confining volume may not overlap with
the source distribution or any confining volumes
may not exist
If you have set confine then this will be igmored
for this event.

Thanks for your attentions.

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