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Fernando Rannou fernando.rannou at usach.cl
Wed Nov 13 13:21:25 CET 2013

Hello Babak

In relation to software:

Currently, Gate officially supports the use of cluster tool, with which you
can split your simulation
in smaller ones and then with the help of a queueing system (for instance
Condor)  submit each one on a cluster.
Finally, use the cluster's tool merge program to merge your ROOT output
files. Cluster tools is supported in all
Gate versions.

The other option is to use what we call ParGate which is based on MPI. In
this case you
don't need to do anything either to your macros nor to your ROOT files.
However, ParGate
is not currently distributed with GATE and we only provide support for Gate


In both cases you need to setup your nodes with NFS for sharing data files

In relation to hardware:

You need to install a switch to which you connect all your nodes. Usually,
switches work as
plug-and-play devices, so it is very simple to install one. Then, configure
the network assigning IPs to each computer. Typical IPs for these
situations are,, etc. One of these computers must  have an
ethernet interface to connect to the "outside". In this case you also need
an fixed, real IP
given by your company.

I hope this help.


On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 8:30 AM, Ba Es <begate at ymail.com> wrote:

> Dear GATE User,
> Hi
> Can anyone explain me basically how can i make a simple cluster with 2  or
> 3 ordinary PC's for running my GATE simulation faster? which program I must
> install and how connect PC's together?
> now I installed GATE6.2 on Ubuntu 12.04  and it works good.
> thanks for your help
> Babak
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