[Gate-users] half size or full size for trpd ?

Anne Sauve ACSauve at lbl.gov
Fri May 14 00:39:23 CEST 2010

Hello the collaboration,

I am designing a pinhole SPECT camera and to model the pinhole collimator I am using
a trpd.
You specify in the user manual that I should define for this trpd the half length along X ,Y and Z.
I also define a box that just fits this trpd and since you specify in the user manual to define for a box
the full length along X,Y and Z that's what I did.
I find that the box is twice as big as the trpd. 
What should I believe are the right dimensions ? the ones for the trpd or for the box ?
I want to believe that the box's dimensions are right  but could you confirm that for me.

Also when you do a translation of a box it is done from the center of the box right ?

below is my code.



/gate/world/daughters/name Boxhead
/gate/world/daughters/insert box
/gate/Boxhead/geometry/setXLength  10.0 cm
/gate/Boxhead/geometry/setYLength 16.25 cm
/gate/Boxhead/geometry/setZLength 22.75 cm
/gate/Boxhead/placement/setTranslation  8. 0. 0. cm
/gate/Boxhead/setMaterial Air
/gate/Boxhead/vis/setColor black

/gate/Boxhead/daughters/name SPECThead
/gate/Boxhead/daughters/insert trpd
/gate/SPECThead/geometry/setX1Length  22.75 cm
/gate/SPECThead/geometry/setY1Length  16.25 cm
/gate/SPECThead/geometry/setX2Length 0.8 cm
/gate/SPECThead/geometry/setY2Length 0.8 cm
/gate/SPECThead/geometry/setZLength 10. cm
/gate/SPECThead/setMaterial Lead
/gate/SPECThead/placement/setRotationAxis 0 1 0
/gate/SPECThead/placement/setRotationAngle -90 deg
/gate/SPECThead/placement/setTranslation  0.0 0. 0. cm
/gate/SPECThead/vis/setColor red

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