[Gate-users] GeomTest Error: Overlapping daughter volumes and overshooting daughter volume

Simon Stute gate.stute at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 10:58:15 CEST 2009

Hi Ida,

I have never checked if there is any overlap in the benchmarkPET camera, but
I know the Geant4 policy for overlapping volumes.
They strickly say that the behaviour of the code in such cases is unknown,
and that one must avoid making overlaps in volume geometry.

I have also already experienced some overlaps (between phantom and
shielding) and it always resulted in Seg Viol, until I found this overlap.
So it could be that !

Good luck,

2009/9/24 Ida Häggström <ida.haggstrom at radfys.umu.se>

> Hello!
> I run a main macro in Gate where I have a camera, phantom, source etc
> described. I added the line "/geometry/test/recursive_test" after I
> initialize the simulation in my main macro file, to check that the geometry
> setup is ok. I get some errors like:
> GeomTest Error: Overlapping daughter volumes
>     The volumes module_P[10] and module_P[9],
>     both daughters of volume head_P[0],
>     appear to overlap at the following points in global coordinates: (list
> truncated)...
> ....
> GeomTest Error: Overshooting daughter volume
>     The volume LSO_P[0] appears to extend outside the mother volume
> crystal_P[0]
>     at the following points in global coordinates: (list truncated)...
> ....
> for different parts of my camera and phantom. Even when I comment out the
> phantom and just run the camera I get errors. I find this a bit weird since
> I've just copied the camera from the benchmarkPET straight off, no changes.
> Maybe these errors aren't important and can be ignored, I don't know. Can
> these cause segmentation violations and abort entire runs as I described in
> a previous post ("segmentation violation aborts my run")?
> Thanks!
> Ida
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