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AliAsghar Parach aaparach at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 15:37:57 CEST 2009

Dear Gate users
I asked a question about voxelised phantom in GATE5.0.0 that has error
for simulation of voxel phantoms. The error was:

PANIC! - G4SmartVoxelHeader::BuildNodes()
        Daughter physical volume sph_129Voxel_PVP
        is entirely outside mother logical volume sph_129_L !!

*** G4Exception : InvalidSetup
     issued by : G4SmartVoxelHeader::BuildNodes()
Overlapping daughter with mother volume.
*** Fatal Exception *** core dump ***

*** G4Exception: Aborting execution ***

Dr Seb Jan said to use regular matrix instead of parameterizedBoxMatrix .

I used regularMatrix , parameterizedBoxMatrix and compressedMatrix
with the same condition in sphere voxel_phantom and compare there
results. the problem was solved but those three method results were
not the same.
The comparison of three result is in following:
the whole average of dose of three methods are exactly the same,but in
slice-slice dose deposition the dose results of regularMatrix and
parameterizedBoxMatrix were different,ie: the dose of regularMatrix in
any slice of phantom is deposited in a few points (but in each point
dose deposition is high) and their neighbor points doses were zero.
with compressed matrix the whole dose in equivalent slices of tow
methods are the same but in one equivalent slice of tow methods ,
doses of equivalent points are not the same. Likewise in compressed
matrix the file contained Uncertainty was not created.

However, Speed of simulation in regularMatrix is higher than the other
and in compressed matrix is higher than  parameterizedBoxMatrix

In attachment  simulated output dose files in sphere voxel phantom of
129*129*129 (4*4*4mm^3) filled with water and outside of phantom is
Vacuum,activity is 1e6 for 3 cases:
regular,compressed, parameterizedBox Matrix.

One equivalent slice of  each case is in attachment.
As previously I said,their whole sum dose are the same and is equal to
0.0195 cGy.
but for example dose of slice 29 (cGy) in three cases are:

-6.6169e-5 for parameterizedBox Matrix
-6.6169e-5 for compressed Matrix
-2.0568e-007 for regular Matrix

but in slice 29 dose in one line of matrix (eg:X=63) for three cases are:

-  1.1725e-006 for parameterizedBox Matrix
-   7.7373e-007 for compressed Matrix
-   1.0410e-008 for regular Matrix

in slice 29 dose in one line of matrix (eg:Y=63) for three cases are:
-  1.2288e-006  for parameterizedBox Matrix
-   1.2652e-006  for compressed Matrix
- 0 for regular Matrix

As can be seen, the dose in three methods are not the same in per
voxel but are the same in whole average phantom.

See attachment for these files please. Also slice 31-55 of each method
is in attachment for visually comparison

how can I solve this problem in GATE5.0.0?


Ali Asghar Parach,Ph.D. student in Medical Physics,Tarbiat Modares
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