[Gate-users] Code for modelled PET systems?

Ida Häggström ida.haggstrom at radfys.umu.se
Tue Sep 8 10:24:13 CEST 2009

Hello Gaters!
I wonder if the camera setups (Gate code) is available anywhere for the
"Gate-modelled systems"-->"PET systems" listed on the Gate homepage? I don't
have access to any camera myself yet, so I'm not sure on how to set up all
crystals, blocks and so on... I'm particulary interested in any GE camera,
so if anyone knows if these codes are publicly available, please let me

I also have another question regarding Matlab. Does anyone know if it's
possible to get the sinogram output imported and reconstructed in Matlab? I
want to move all my output to Matlab where I will do more calculartions, but
I need a good way to move either unreconstructed data there and reconstruct
it in matlab, or ready images that can be imported as matrices. Does anyone
have experience on Gate-->Matlab?

Thanks for any help! Cheers,
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