[Gate-users] Limiting coincidences between rings of detectors

Marcin Balcerzyk m.balcerzyk at pluri.ucm.es
Tue Sep 1 19:57:00 CEST 2009

Dear Gaters.


I would like to limit coincidences between rings of detectors in PET. I use
PETscanner system. It has within a ring several detectors, and 3 rings of
detectors. I took minimumSectorDifference as 3. All is ok, but now I would
like to limit the coincidences - and throw out all that happen between first
and third ring, leaving these within same ring and these between ring 1 and
2 and these between ring 2 and 3. Any idea how to do it within macros of


Can manipulating with levels and command
/gate/digitizer/Coincidences/setDepth number (explained in section 8.4.2)
can do the job, with some tricky block building?


I would like to avoid sorting out events in root file after the simulation,
as this is artificial for digitizer module. If this is impossible within
macros - maybe somebody has modified Gate source code to do it and has some
extra command created?


I use Gate 3.0.0, but if needed, would switch to v.5.


Best regards


Marcin Balcerzyk

Universidad Compultense de Madrid


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