[Gate-users] Gate-users - Time to complete the simulation

Hannes Hofmann opengate at f00f.de
Mon Apr 21 13:04:14 CEST 2008

Hi Davi,

from my experience there is no generic possibility to estimate the
simulation time. That said, the time correlates to the number of
emitted particles, i.e. given the same acquisition parameters (esp.
geometry), the double activity takes twice the time. Also double
simulated acquisition time means twice the simulation time.

But when the geometry changes the times are unpredictable.
A general rule of thumb is: It takes long. Sometimes very long.

Hope that helped you a bit.

2008/4/10 Davi Ezequiel François <davifrancois at hotmail.com>:
>  Dear Gate users.
>  I started Gate simulation now, but I don't know how long time it will take
> to finish.
>  How can I know, or have an estimate about how long time the simulation will
> take to complete?  With the number of events or activities? Or Gate has a
> syntax that I can put in the script .mac that will give me a percentage of
> what already been completed or the time needed to finish?
>  Someone have a idea?
>  Thanks,
> Davi François
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