[Gate-users] question on setting /gate/timing and time slice

Park MinJae MJ at ToTi.us
Tue Apr 1 02:18:07 CEST 2008

Dear Dan,
In GATE, there is no ratation movement between time slices...
If you want to simulate the gatry rotation movement, you have to simulate
/gate/timimg/setTime is not the command for real rotation...
it's just for check ahead...
Real commands for rotation is setTimeSlice, settimestart and settimestop...

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Hi all, 
I'm wondering about the settings of /gate/timing and time slice. 
My understanding is that /gate/timing/setTime is to set the time that the
geometry such as SPECThead begin to rotate.  For example, in benchmark
SPECT, the SPECThead began to rotate at 0s, 37.5s, 75s...
The time slice, according to the user guide, is the period of geometry being
kept static and the simulation of particle transport and datat acquisition
proceeds. And at the begining of each time-slice, the geometry is updated.
My question is, the geometry begins to rotate at say 37.5 s according to the
/gate/timing ,and the geometry need to be kept static according to
definition of time slice. What about the time period of the process of
If I set the time slice small enough, do I have to consider the fact that
the geometry updating takes a major part of time of time slice period? 
Another question is, if the values of above two time setting are the same.
Can I just delete the lines of /gate/timing , and only set the time slice as
37.5s ? 


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