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Chen, Yu Yu.Chen at umassmed.edu
Fri Jun 29 21:38:54 CEST 2007

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It looks like your own seed.rndm format is not compatibable with what Geant4 requires.

I remember that Geant4 has at least two different random generator engines for
choices with completely different formats. 

check to see what your output endRun.rndm format is.

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Subject: [Gate-users] /random/resetEngineFrom Error

I was trying to use the the command /random/resetEngineFrom seed.rndm. In
the directory I have a a file seed.rndm which has a number 17 in it. It
appears that GATE manages to retrieve this seed value (see output below).
However, it then has an error which I don't understand at all. I have ran
many simulations with GATE and have not had any problems: I am pretty sure
that my installation of GATE is running properly. Here is the error output
from my simulation (I included a bit of the preceding output for context):

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