[Gate-users] Condor & job splitter issue

Samuel BURG samuel_burg at yahoo.fr
Mon Jun 25 16:11:14 CEST 2007


I have an issue with the job-splitter from the Cluster_Tools.

my system :
FedoraCore 6 - x86_64 - intel core 2 duo

system working
open-gate working
condor working

I have update the GateMacfileParser.cc file as explain by Patrice Descourt for 64bits arch.

My only result is a 'seg fault' :

[lucie at burg Linux-g++]# ./gjs -numberofsplits 3 -clusterplatform condor -condorscript ./condor.script ./SPECTbench_cluster.mac
Incident de segmentation

In fact, gjs start to write the scripts in .Gate/SPECTbench_cluster/ and it crash while writing in file SPECTbench_cluster1.mac.

I've update the makefile to complie gjs in debug mode, but I have not found the probleme in the code with gdb.
I've also try to check the system calls with strace, but I have not found any more solution this way.

here's the output of my gjs (SPECTbench_cluster.tar.gz) while spliting the "SPECTbench_cluster.mac" example in 3 for a condor cluster.

I make something wrong with GJS ?
As someone already sucsessfully used gjs for condor ? (on 32b arch ? on -'b arch ?)
Can someone help me ?


Samuel BURG

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