[Gate-users] spBlurring

Sebastien JAN sebastien.jan at cea.fr
Tue Jun 19 11:10:10 CEST 2007


> I have a problem with the projection "gate.sin" generated during the  
> simulation: I think that the spatial blurring has no effect on the  
> globalPosZ variable during the creation of this projection.
> I computed the standard deviation of the globalPosZ from both  
> "gate.sin" and .root file. The result obtained from the .root file is  
> higher than the one given by "gate.sin".
> Does anyone already have this problem? Is it a bug in the code?

It's not a bug, it was defined like that in the code. Historically, this 
digitizer module was developed for SPECT application and to blur only in 
the X and Y directions according to the fact the system didn't measured 
the depht of interaction.
If you want to modify the code to blur in the Z direction, you need to 
modify a couple of lines in the GateSpblurring.cc class :

Replace :
 G4double PzNew = Pz;
G4double PzNew = G4RandGauss::shoot(Pz,m_spresolution/2.35);


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