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Chen, Yu Yu.Chen at umassmed.edu
Fri Oct 13 19:26:46 CEST 2006

If you ouput hit data file, you will definitely know where 
the opticalphoton generated by looking for particles with 
name "opticalphoton". 

But what do you mean "with optical photon enabled"?

An incident gamma cannot become an optical photon.
Do you mean you enable scintillation process in crystal?

I do not know if the latest GATE version has added an easy
way to specify scintillation process in crystal. Basically
you need to put those scintillation properties into your 
material to get opticalphotons.

hope it helps.  

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Dear GATE users,
I'm gunning gamma 511 keV against a crystal (with optical enabled) and I 
would like to know (or eventually to set) the position of interaction in 
the crystal where the optical photons generation starts.
How can I do?

Thanks a lot,
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