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Susana Silva susana.silva at fc.ul.pt
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 Hi, Nicolas!

 To use a voxelised phantom you should see the chapter 7.3 in the users guide and the folder "examples" within the GATE distribution.

 Now, answering your questions:

 You can use a binary file as your phantom, and you can create a header file in interfile format if you need it (within the examples folder you can find an example with the hoffman brain...). Additionally you can specify the material of your phantom using the material database (GateMaterials.db) and update the same with new material (this file contains all material parameters required by Geant4 to calculate the interaction cross-sections and is easy to modify).
 You can use your phantom as a voxelized source too. If you want do this you have to define a range translation table that match activity values to the voxels number/range.

 You have to be care with one thing: GATE can read float data type but not with the interfile reader! So if your phantom it's in float point number and need a header file (interfile format) you need to convert it to unsigned interger format (with IDL or MATLAB for instance).

 Hope this can help you.


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Hi all GATE Users....

We are trying to create a voxelised phantom in GATE using data from a binary file...
We don't know how we should insert this binary file inside the simulation code...

Maybe, by creating a header file? 
Any help with that?

Thanx in advance
Nicolas (x2)
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