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Angela M K Foudray afoudray at stanford.edu
Mon Aug 14 23:25:13 CEST 2006


If you look for a previous post on the GATE User's list, you'll see a 
message titled "generating rndm file" and there will be some code that 
was modified to generate a file exactly in the form that GATE is looking 
for.  It's in ASCII format.

You can't actually generate a random file using the method that you 
described - the 97 numbers after the seed describe a particular "state" 
of the seed, you may pick numbers that don't actually represent a state 
in the HEPJamesRandom random number generator.  The last three numbers 
describe (seemingly) physical parameters in the simulation and you 
definitely don't want to mess with those at all. Use the program that I 
mentioned as it generates a seed with a good "state".

Let me know if you have any trouble finding the program,

komarovs at mir.wustl.edu wrote:

> Dear All,
> Can anybody explain me the structure of .rnmd file?
> I have to write the generator of the .rndm files.
> For what is used the first integer number in .rndm file? I have the 
> same set of events for different values of this number.
> Right now I keep original first integer number (9876), randomly 
> generate the rest 97+3 double numbers (<1) and last integer number. 
> What is the maximum possible value for the last number?
> Can I save endOfRun.rnmd for ascii output?
> Thank you.
> Serg
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