[Gate-users] ROOT filename problem

Thomas Carlier thomas.carlier at chu-nantes.fr
Mon Aug 14 13:07:21 CEST 2006

Dear Gaters,

I found a strange similar behavior...
When the file name of the output ROOT file has less than 10 letters ; 
the ROOT file is not written... I tested it with different macros 
(including the benchSPECT and benchPET) and this well reproductible !!
Of course, when the file name has more than 10 letters ; the output ROOT 
file is written
My configuration => macosX 10.4.7, gcc 4.0.1, G4.8.0.p01, GATE3.0.0, 
CLHEP2.0.2.2, ROOT5.10

Note : this is not the case with the previous "official" version of 
GATE/GEANT (i.e : G4.7.0.p01, GATE2.2.0)

Does anybody else encounter this problem ?

Thomas Carlier

ayanas at mail.med.upenn.edu a écrit:

>When I run the SPECTbench.mac macro in the benchmarkSPECT, 
>the root file is created with the name "benchSPE0" whereas it is 
>expected to be "benchSPECT.root" due to the line in the macro
>"/gate/output/root/setFileName benchSPECT".
>Interestingly, in my real production macro which is different from
>benchmarkSPECT, when I define again as 
>"/gate/output/root/setFileName benchSPECT", 
>the root file is created with the name "http". 
>I am quite puzzled.. Has anyone observed this weird behaviour? 
>I would appreciate any comments.
>Thanks much,

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