[gate-users] trapezoid

D.J. van der Laan d.j.vanderlaan at tnw.tudelft.nl
Wed Dec 14 09:12:25 CET 2005

Hi Nerina,

Concerning your first problem: the trpd shape in Gate is a trapezoid 
minus a box. When the box and trapezoid do not overlap or only partial, 
I can imagine that could cause errors. I am not sure, but something like 
that might be the problem. So you might want to look at the position and 
dimensions of the box.

When you want to have just a trapezoid (without the box-shaped hole), I 
can send you some source files that add that shape to Gate, but then you 
have to recompile Gate.

Concerning the second problem: it is not possible in Gate to use other 
shapes than boxes for the cylindricalPET system. When you want to use 
trapezoids you either have to create your own system in Gate, or use the 
'scanner' system in which case you don't have coicidence sorting.



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